Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 69: Blockchain-based Security for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Welcome back to ITS Podcast, this is the 69th episode, August 2022.

ITS podcast is back after a short break. I am your host Dr Maryam Kaveshgar from Ahmedabad University, India.

Firstly, let us congratulate Dr. Roozbeh Mohammadi, on successfully defending his Ph.D. We all wish to hear from you and your interesting defence.

Today we have Baris’s voice from Berlin. He will give us some headlines of ITS world in News mini-section.

Followed by the book that Haluk reviewed a Ph.D. Thesis, titled “Blockchain based Security for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks” written by Nisha Malik under the supervision of Dr. Priyadarsi Nanda at University of Technology Sydney.

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News Mini-section:


  1. Autonomous e-bus in Norway
  2. Cruise starts to map Dubai streets ahead of launch
  3. Driverless robotaxi permit for Baidu
  4. Self-driving cars learn from own ‘memories’

PhD Review:

Nisha Malik,”Blockchain Based Security for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks” (Doctoral dissertation), 2020.

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