Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 63: Innovation in VITRONIC and the concept of Nanorace

Dear Listeners,
Welcome back to Intelligent Transportation Podcast. This is our 63rd episode for month of May 2021.
I hope in these uncertain days, all of you are healthy and happy.
The relationship between academia and industry is important for innovation and research. We have an interview with an expert from industry today. Mr. Youssef El Hansali CEO of VITRONIC UAE and a board member at the parent company VITRONIC Germany. Professor Ansar Yaser from Hasselt University has conducted this interesting interview where they discuss Machine vision, smart city technology and ITS.
But before that we will have our news mini-section and review.
For this episode Professor Haluk Eren from First University, Elazig, Turkey, prepared a review on a topic called “Nanorace”. He will introduce it and will explain its importance in ITS.

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