Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 76: Virtual and Remote Control Tower, interview with Tim Menard from LYT

Welcome back to ITS Podcast, this is episode 76, September 2023.

I am your host Dr Maryam Kaveshgar from Ahmedabad University, India.
On September 23rd onwards, many of us, researchers and scientists in the ITS multiverse are going to meet at IEEE ITSC 2023 in Bilbao, Spain.
Dr Ibai Lana will start off today’s podcast with a short introduction to the conference.

Tim Menard at LYT is our special guest today and writes about the future of connected mobility for our cities and how AI can enable a “control tower” approach for ground transportation similar to what we have with air travel. There is a lot of chatter about connected mobility, and I think you’ll find this interview to offers a new perspective on the use of AI and technology to improve the way city transportation systems are designed and implemented.
Ansar has a talk with him which you can listen to after the news mini section and book review.

Also in this episode, Haluk is reviewing a book “Virtual and Remote Control Tower: Research, Design, Development, Validation, and Implementation” . This is an edited book by Norbert Fürstenau.

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News Mini-section:


1) Polestar will offer Mobileye’s autonomous driving technology

2) Beep and Oxa announce partnership to deploy autonomous vehicles

3) Schaeffler and VDL plan to develop self-driving shuttles

4) People in the UK are cautiously optimistic about the driverless cars

Book Review:

Virtual and Remote Control Tower: Research, Design, Development, Validation, and Implementation (Research Topics in Aerospace), edited by Norbert Fürstenau, Springer Nature, 2022, 611 pages, ISBN13: 9783030936495, ISBN10: 303093649X, recommended publisher’s price is $116.85.

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