Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 66: Lidar Technology of Innoviz with Mr Omer David Keilaf

Welcome back to ITS Podcast, this is the 66th episode.

Let’s start this episode with news mini-section. Roozbeh has gathered the latest news from around the world related to our field. From EV to railway and flying cars.

Following the news, Haluk will give a review about a PhD which was awarded the outstanding PhD research in 2020  titled: “Development and Testing of Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles” , written by Francessco Fanelli.

Today we also have a special guest from Innoviz Technology, Omer David Keilaf the CEO and the cofounder of INNOVIZ, based in Israel and active in LiDAR technology, he is going to talk about their technology and products and his views about autonomous vehicles.

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News Mini-section:


Book Review:

Development and Testing of Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, written by Francesco Fanelli, Springer, 2020, 153 pages, ISBN-10: 3030155951 ISBN-13 978-3030155957, recommended publisher’s price is $25.

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