Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 77: CerebrumX, Connected Vehicles and Smart Mobility

Welcome back to ITS Podcast, this is episode 77, December 2023.

The IEEE ITS Conference in Bilbao was a very successful event. I would like to thank all the organizer’s for such well planned conference. More than 1200 participants and numerous workshops to attend.

Today we have a discussion with Mr Kapil Arora, the co founder and CSO of CerebrumX. Kapil will talk about their breakthrough technology, products and services in ITS. But before that we will hear Baris and Haluk.

Baris is here with his news mini-section and after that Haluk will tell us about a new book.

Haluk has reviewed a book “Automotive Accident Reconstruction: Practices and Principles”, written by Donald and John Struble.

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News Mini-section:


  • Interactive ITS map in USA

  • Cruise recalls driverless cars after an accident

  • Truck Innovation award for MAN

  • A new research on the ethics of autonomous vehicles

Book Review:

Automotive Accident Reconstruction: Practices and Principles, written by Donald E. Struble and John D. Struble, CRC Press, second edition, 2020, 403 pages, ISBN13: 978-0367415839, ISBN10: 0367415836, recommended publisher’s price is $99.21.

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