Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 27: IEEE IV2015 Special Issue with Bart van Arem

This is a special issue about the just wrapping up IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium Sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Society ITSS. We have prepared a selection of contents with some of the big names involved. As the main course we have interviewed professor Bart van Arem, from Delft University of Technology, who was keynote at that event. We talked about his lecture, titled “Automated Driving: the future of Transport starts today!”

Prof. van Arem

Prof. van Arem

We also have some on-site comments from Prof. Kyongsu Yi (Seoul National Univ., Korea), General co-chair and Prof. Chung Choo Chung (Hanyang Univ., Korea), Program co-chair.

Finally we have our usual columns, the News Minisection by Dr. Maryam Kaveshgar and the Transportation in History Minisection by Mehran Shirazi.

For those willing to jump straight to the Prof. van Arem’s interview, it starts at 11′:34″.

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News Minisection

Google driverless car, Lexus RX400h


Transportation in History

Moose domestication investigated at Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve in 1949

A Jacksonville, Florida, man with an ostrich-drawn cart, 1911

A Jacksonville, Florida, man with an ostrich-drawn cart, 1911

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