Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 18: "Radical Collaboration" with Chuck Gulash, from Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center in USA.

Do you know that Toyota has a huge facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they have an awful lot of amazing projects on Human Factors, Active Safety, Passive Safety/Biomechanics and Post Crash Projects. We have interviewed Chuck Gulash, Director of the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center. He kindly explained a lot of innovative concepts. Do you know what is “Radical Collaboration”? You will get surprised when you hear what is behind that challenging tag.

We also have a delightful Transportation in History Mini-Section, by Mehran Shirazi, about the history of a very simple yet important passive safety system: three points seat belts. For the pessimistic about human nature, that was an example of some car makers that could have made millions with that invention but chose open their patent instead.

Please, listen also the News Minisection. We have a very important call for nominations to the IEEE Transportation Technologies Award.

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For those willing to jump straight to the Mr. Gulash’s interview, it starts at 6′:31″.

Chuck Gulash

Chuck Gulash


News Minisection

Transportation in History