ITS Podcast Episode 42: Towards Sustainable Road Transport

Dear readers I hope you had a joyful summer. Full of adventures. Happy new academic year for all those who start it in September. This episode starts with a short news mini-section by Dr Maryam Kaveshgar, followed by a book review by Prof. Haluk Eren, from Firat University. The book title is “TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ROAD [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 41: Vehicle data, Smart Mobility and Transportation Electrification

We have some interesting news about the Kangaroos in Australia and few updates in our industry. We are then going to listen to a book Review From Prof. Haluk Eren from Firat University. The book title is “Roadside Video Data Analysis: Deep Learning, By Brijesh Verma, Ligang Zhang, and David Stockwell". [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 40: Cohabitation of Intelligent Humans and Intelligent Cars

Intelligent transportation system is back with a whole new package of information. This episode starts with a short news mini-section, followed by the book reviewed by Prof. Haluk Eren, from Firat University The book title is “SMART AUTONOMOUS AIRCRAFT, Flight Control and Planning for UAV”, and consists of 434 pages; written by Yasmina Bestaoui [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 39: Computer Vision, Inside-Out Perception

In this episode apart from the News mini-section we will have Prof. Haluk Eren from Firat University in Turkey that has prepared a review of a book recently Published by Springer, “The Advent of Unmanned Electric Vehicles: The Choices between E-mobility and Immobility” written by Van Temsche.     It is March and to celebrate [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 38: Vision-Based Turning Movement Monitoring

We start the new year of 2017 with a very special interview with Professor Brandon Morris from University of Nevada, LasVegas and Dr. Shirazi from Cleveland State university who have together published an article titled “Vision-Based Turning Movement Monitoring: Count, Speed & Waiting Time Estimation” at the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine. The interview is [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 37: Intelligent Vehicles in the Outer Rim with prof. Felipe Jimenez

Here we are again with the best periodical podcast on Intelligent Transportation Science and Engineering. We have a very interesting menu for today. We will talk about how the intelligent vehicle field is evolving in the periphery of Europe, far from Daimler, BMW, Volvo and other huge car-makers. We will talk with professor Felipe Jimenez [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 36: Transportation Electrification with Philip Krein

This episode 36, for September 2016. We have included a special content this time: Nothing less than the Professor Philip Krein’s keynote talk at our last ITS Society’s ITSC2015 conference in Spain. Philip Krein is Chair of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community and delivered a very interesting and provocative talk titled “Leveraging High-Performance Electric Transportation [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 35: IEEE IV 2016 Special Issue with Coelingh from Volvo cars and Anna Nilsson-Ehle from SAFER

This is episode 35 for July 2016, a special issue about the still warm Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2016 that has just happened in Sweden a few days ago. We have been there and we have prepared such a good selection of contents around it. We have one of its keynotes to speak about Volvo’s vision [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 33: Adaptive cruise-control a lot more, with Petros Ioannou

In this episode we have Prof. Jeffrey Miller interviewing Professor Petros Ioannou, both based at the University of Southern California. Petros Ioannou is such a reputed colleague in the field, for example for his contributions to adaptive cruise-control systems. He has been recently appointed as EiC of the IEEE Transactions on ITS. Our partner, Professor [...]

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