Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
Intelligent Transportation Systems Podcast
ITS Podcast Episode 7: Special Episode on ITSS Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC 2013)

This is a special episode about the recent successful Intelligent Transportation Systems Society’s flagship Conference, ITSC 2013 that has just happened from October 6 to 9 in the Hague, at the Netherlands.

It has truly been a conference to be remembered, thanks to the superb organization of Professor Bart van Arem, who served as General Chair, the scientific lead of Professor Andreas Hegyi, its Program Chair, the rest of their organizing committee, and a big number of people, also volunteers, who contributed acting as Associate Editors, Reviewers and of course Authors.

In this special ITS Podcast edition you will enjoy a number of testimonies on this great event, plus a very interesting interview to one of the Keynote speakers, Professor Matthew Karlaftis, on Big Data Analysis for ITS, using Artificial Intelligence.

We have Professor Bart van Arem, general chair for ITSC2013, Professor Andreas Hegyi, Program Chair, Professor Christoph Stiller, President of the ITS Society and Mr. Andrew Chatham, from Google Self-Driving Car Team.


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For those willing to jump straight to a specific interview:

  • Bart Van Arem starts at 1′:48″
  • Andreas Hegyi starts at 3′:59″
  • Christoph Stiller starts at 4′:58″
  • Andrew Chatham starts at 9′:06″
  • Matthew Karlaftis starts at 12′:10″


Bart van Arem

Andreas Hegyi


Christoph Stiller

Matthew Karlaftis



Professor Mohan Trivedi Receiving the 2013 IEEE ITS OUTSTANDING RESEARCH AWARD


Mr. Andrew Chatham in behalf of Google’s Self-Driving Car Team receiving the 2013 IEEE ITS INSTITUTIONAL LEAD AWARD


Professor Miguel Angel Sotelo as he received the 2013 IEEE ITS OUTSTANDING APPLICATION AWARD

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