ITS Podcast is one of the publications of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society aiming to take the ITS research and best practice to the general public in an attractive format. The goal is to offer insightful and entertaining bi-monthly interviews with the leaders in ITS.

We will introduce to anyone interested in intelligent transportation and related scientific discoveries the cutting-edge ITS research by interviewing authors of selected papers in the ITS Transactions and the Magazine, keynote speakers at the ITS conferences, and other top ITS scientists or engineers working on hot new topics.

Every podcast episode will be enriched with a short section with some news relevant for our listeners, and a short Book review section where we can learn about amazing developments made in transportation.

ITS Podcast aims to help ITS scientists and engineers, students mulling their career choices, and the general public interested in science and technology.

We welcome suggestions (format, potential interviewees) from our audience. Please email your suggestions to itsspodcast@gmail.com

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Producer :

Members of the Editorial Board:

  • Prof. Maryam Kaveshgar, SEAS – Ahmedabad University, India
  • Prof. Haluk Eren, Firat University, Turkey
  • Prof. Jeffrey Miller, Southern Utah University
  • Prof. Ansar Yasar, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Roozbeh Mohammadi, Aalto University in Espoo, Finland
  • Baris Cogan, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin


This Podcast is Sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.

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